I'm an audio and radio producer making material for broadcast and beyond.

Most recently for Radio 4 I've made 2 episodes of A Choral History of Britain and arts features about William Blake A Vision on Peckham Rye and the notorious painting L’Origine du Monde as well as contributing episodes to The History of Ideas

For The Guardian, I've created a short experimental series about Piers Plowman. For Radio 3 I produced Night Waves and a Sunday Feature about the cultural history of weeping: Margaret, Are you Grieving.

I've made Books at Bedtime and short stories for Radio 4, (Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont and Wintertide, for example) and audio guides for The British Museum.

At the moment I make When Greeks Flew Kites, BBC Radio 4's late night history programme with Sarah Dunant and a new podcast, Folk on Foot, as well as a series of dramas and short features about Anger for QMUL Centre for the History of Emotions.

Have a rummage around and pop your headphones on.

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